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Plan your journey with us!

Kasa is reimagining hospitality to be your home on the road. Join us as we create a new class of lodging that is spacious, reliable, and reasonably priced.

Plan your journey with us!

Kasa is reimagining hospitality to be your home on the road. Join us as we create a new class of lodging that is spacious, reliable, and reasonably priced.

Our mission

Build a global accommodations brand that is beloved by guests, indispensable to property owners, and desired by neighbors.

At Kasa we value

Growth mindset

We believe feedback is a gift. Being able to grow and improve is an exciting opportunity for everyone involved, and we improve by encouraging, providing, and acting on feedback.


We seek out new places and experiences, and love challenging ourselves. Being inquisitive helps us ensure that we’re always learning.


We believe flexibility leads to more creative solutions in our work, higher morale, and increased productivity. We are striving to create a more connected and tolerant world inside and outside of Kasa.


We get more done with less. We find creative solutions to seemingly intractable problems. We work — not just hard, but smart.

Long-term orientation

We project out the effects of our actions for a one-year and a 100-year journey. This makes us determined and intentional as we create our path towards the future.

Big plans

For us, small goals are always a part of the larger picture. Big, audacious ideas are motivating, impactful, and challenging, and we love the feeling of achieving them.

Team member testimonials

  • Denise Sanders

    Software Engineer San Francisco, CA

    I like that Kasa is a hospitality company that does not see tech as an afterthought but an opportunity that is directly connected to our success and taken advantage of to create better guest experiences. Kasa has a modern tech stack that is a pleasure to work in, and there are so many opportunities to contribute to different parts of our guest experience, including guest facing products, internal tools, and hardware.

  • Chaena Cage

    Housekeeping Manager Dallas, Texas (Remote)

    I choose to work at Kasa because of the great work we're doing in different communities because I love being a part of the positive shift in the hospitality industry. "Big ideas are encouraged and sought out here, so I can always challenge myself to pioneer improvement efforts while knowing they will be taken seriously. Having been able to collaborate and shadow with other teams working at Kasa has also been a huge attribute to my professional growth here. The biggest benefit of all is that I can do all of these things from the comfort of my own home!

  • Viktoria Molnar

    Software Engineer Budapest, Hungary (Remote)

    My favorite part about working at Kasa is the people. They are all amazing, hard-working, and passionate about their jobs, which helps create a truly inspiring environment. Your work is always valued here, and others make sure to recognize it as well.

  • Antonio Corona

    Director of Finance San Francisco, CA

    The lodging industry has become more outdated and hasn't changed the product and offering; I believe Kasa apartments, with all their features, are a better alternative to a traditional hotel and more reliable than other options often found through home-sharing sites. The team that works here is creative, resilient, and people-minded, which makes for a great hospitality culture.

  • Mel Doroteo

    Senior Guest Experience Specialist Cainta, Philippines (Remote)

    When I joined Kasa, everyone's positivity was contagious. I immediately felt at home, as everyone was extremely welcoming and really made me feel comfortable. Over my time with the company, our team has been super supportive and very encouraging. Kasa is also very open to feedback. Your voice matters here. We are encouraged and empowered to contribute ideas, not just to deliver a better guest experience but also to improve internal processes.

We’re a remote-friendly global company

We have colleagues in North America, Europe, Oceania and Asia. We collaborate across 6 timezones and 47 cities.

Meet your Kasa leadership team

We strive to hire highly capable professionals who embody our company values. Our team is comprised of diverse backgrounds and experiences, including seasoned real estate and technology professionals who previously worked in institutional firms and successful early stage ventures. Above all else, we are united by our commitment to excellence and passion for the hospitality industry.

  • Roman Pedan

    Founder & CEO

    LinkedIn page of Roman Pedan
  • Austin Murtland

    Chief of Staff

    LinkedIn page of Austin Murtland
  • Brianna Kohr


    LinkedIn page of Brianna Kohr
  • Craig Minoff

    Product & Ops

    LinkedIn page of Craig Minoff
  • Elena Goldblatt

    Guest Experience

    LinkedIn page of Elena Goldblatt
  • Elliott Lui


    LinkedIn page of Elliott Lui
  • Mara Jones

    People Ops

    LinkedIn page of Mara Jones
  • Michael Millas

    Financial Strategy

    LinkedIn page of Michael Millas
  • Mike Marando

    Business Operations

    LinkedIn page of Mike Marando
  • Noah Wisnia

    Talent Acquisition

    LinkedIn page of Noah Wisnia
  • Norbert Pap

    Product Design

    LinkedIn page of Norbert Pap
  • Richard Lou

    Partner Success

    LinkedIn page of Richard Lou
  • Tomek Nowinski

    Brand & Marketing

    LinkedIn page of Tomek Nowinski
  • Yvette Romero

    Product & Ops

    LinkedIn page of Yvette Romero
  • Ben Levick


    LinkedIn page of Ben Levick
  • John (JD) Modrak

    Property Operations

    LinkedIn page of John (JD) Modrak
  • Jocelyn Olsen

    Launch Operations

    LinkedIn page of Jocelyn Olsen
  • Antonio Corona


    LinkedIn page of Antonio Corona
  • Yaran Noti


    LinkedIn page of Yaran Noti
  • Jeff McConathy


    LinkedIn page of Jeff McConathy
  • Morgan Norville


    LinkedIn page of Morgan Norville
  • Jordan Calaguire

    Real Estate

    LinkedIn page of Jordan Calaguire
  • Aaron Anderson

    Multifamily Strategy

    LinkedIn page of Aaron Anderson

Kasa perks

Kasa travel credits

We want our employees to not only love, but live Kasa. Nights beyond your initial, yearly travel credit are 50% off, and your friends and family receive 50% off year-round.

Remote WFH community

While our headquarters are in San Francisco, over 70% of our team members work remotely. We allow our team members to define their ideal work environment and provide support through our strong WFH culture.

Parental leave

Kasa recognizes that the arrival of a child is a momentous occasion. We offer generous parental leave benefits to our full-time team members so you can concentrate whole-heartedly on your growing family.

Generous stock options

We’re proud to offer stock options to exempt employees. You deserve to share in Kasa’s success; after all, you’re a part of it!

Comprehensive health benefits

Your health is important to us. We provide several medical plan options to promote and preserve your physical and mental well-being.

Paid vacation time

We dream big and work hard — but we also understand the importance of rest. We offer flexible paid time off to our full-time exempt employees and the chance to accrue numerous paid days off to non-exempt and part-time employees.


One of our company values is that we take a Long Term Orientation, and offering a 401(k) reflects that. As you invest in yourself and your future, Kasa invests in you too: we match 50% of the first 4% of deferred salary.

Kasa Perks programs vary by country and are subject to eligibility requirements.

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